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Project Lebanon 2019

Imam Sadr – School for Orphans and Needy

A comprehensive school building designed in accordance with the latest engineering and construction standards, which includes a theatre, halls, labs, corridors, parking garages and playgrounds. This building will be located within the cultural complex, integrating it with facilities such as a restaurant, green spaces and playgrounds.
The vision for the school is to provide “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, achieving gender equality, and empowering women and girls”.
The school will be based upon the principles of acceptance of diversity and coexistence, and hence will be co-educational, and open to children of all financial status and religious sects.
The projected completion time is 12 months.

You can download a report on the project here

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The Lebanese community has done much for the Muslim community in Australia. Almost every Islamic centre has been touched by their generosity and care over the years. It is now the turn of the wider community of Muslims to help the orphans and needy in Lebanon.

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