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Hydrotheraphy Device – Special Needs School


Hydrotherapy is contributes effectively to the development of many areas of cognition in those with physical and intellectual disabilities. It also has many healing and recuperative properties which can be utilised to aid treatment.

The Hydrotherapy facility at the Special needs School will benefit children and adolescents at the School during individual and group therapy sessions at the Special Needs School.

The unit will consist of an indoor pool with side water jets, plus facilities like stairs and a crane for children on wheelchairs, as well as change and shower rooms and toilets.

The proposal is to be completed within a year.

Project Cost
A Hydro-Therapy unit is usually composed of:  A whirlpool of a size like 12 meters by 6 meters, with side water jets  Stairs down to the pool  Crane for carrying children on wheel chairs  Shower rooms  Changing rooms with closets  Toilets  Water circulation system  Water Heating system The whole Hydro Therapy unit would be constructed indoors, and the appointment to complete the project is 1 year.

Total project cost
$100,000 USD

You can download the proposal here.

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The Lebanese community has done much for the Muslim community in Australia. Almost every Islamic centre has been touched by their generosity and care over the years. It is now the turn of the wider community of Muslims to help the orphans and needy in Lebanon.

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